5 Ways to Affirm Students’ Identities During Latinx Heritage Month

Creating a strong sense of belonging and safety in the school community is deeper than just acknowledging diversity. It’s about seeing each student for who they are. It’s about affirming students’ unique identities and celebrating cultural knowledge.

We’re in the middle of Latinx Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15), when we recognize and honor Latinx and Hispanic history and culture. Turnaround for Children honors the contributions and cultures of Latinx people in the U.S.

We’ve curated a selection of resources to help you affirm the unique identities of Hispanic and Latinx students, encourage all students to learn about and celebrate Latinx and Hispanic heritage, and get to know all your students better.

1. Unmaking “Hispanic:” Teaching the Creation of Hispanic Identity

2. Lesson of the Day: ‘Does Hispanic Heritage Month Need a Rebrand?’

3. Google Arts & Culture: Latino Cultures in the US

4. Identidad y Fronteras: Borders and Identity

5. Deeper than Icebreakers: Activities to Know Your Students

Educators can use celebrations like Latinx Heritage Month and the resources we’ve shared to have conversations about culture and heritage and not only affirm their students’ identities, but affirm their humanity and build deep, meaningful relationships.

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