• RaiseMe


    Reinventing scholarships

  • Aloysius ^. .^

    Aloysius ^. .^

    (al-ə-WISH-əs) #BlackLivesMatter #BringBernieBack #JillStein #NOTPP! #AaronSwartz #FreeAssange #FreeHammond #FreeBarrett #FreeManning #FreeSnowden #FreeGuccifer

  • Clic Club

    Clic Club

  • FoodCorps


    Together with communities, FoodCorps connects kids to healthy food at school so that every child — regardless of race, place, or class — is ready to learn.

  • How Kids Work

    How Kids Work

    A blog on true, tested, and reliable classroom management strategies. Kids don’t work the way we do. #HowKidsWork

  • WeldoneAfrica


    Finding and spotlighting relentlessness across the continent. Tweets by W.A Staffer.

  • Val Brown

    Val Brown

    Praying. Teaching. Leading. Learning. Sharing. Serving. Passionately pursuing my purpose.

  • Debbie


    Planners, pens, notebooks bring me immense joy. Thoughts are my own.

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