Supporting Student Mental Health Now and in the Future

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How Schools Can Support Mental Health

One of many ways schools can continue to support the mental health of students and increase collaboration and support among staff is through the implementation of a tiered system of supports that is grounded in whole-child design. The purpose of a tiered system of supports is to provide a framework for an adaptive, responsive continuum of integrated supports for all students.

  • Recognize and support the needs of all children
  • Provide supports in a holistic and integrated way.
  • Require strong collaboration among all adults in a student’s context.
  • Operate with an understanding of the impact of trauma and adversity on learning and development.
  • Universal Supports Following a Crisis for School Leaders, who are ultimately responsible for the wellbeing of their staff and students. This document provides some considerations for a leader to design their re-entry plans. One key component of this guidance document is for leaders to ensure they have a crisis team in place and that they schedule a standing meeting for this team to assemble.
  • Universal Supports Following a Crisis for Teachers, which provides a clear explanation of a teacher’s role in the plan alongside tangible examples of how to work collaboratively with leaders and student support.
  • Universal Supports Following a Crisis for Student Support, which clearly articulates how to create a plan that leverages the strengths and resources of this role and informs leadership and teachers on how to move forward toward more positive outcomes.



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