Tiered System of Supports: Engaging In Holistic Discussions About Students

  • There is an increased likelihood that processes and protocols are implemented with fidelity, improving the ability for more children to receive appropriate support sooner. Input from multiple stakeholders improves the quality of support offered and the student’s overall school experience.
  • Inclusion of varied perspectives is an equitable practice and will contribute to more equitable outcomes.
  • Teachers feel supported and families feel included, making way for true shared ownership and accountability.
  • Sustainable protocols will help to eliminate additional meetings due to challenges with membership participation or lack of data.

Collaboration Phase Tools on the Toolbox

Turnaround for Children offers tools to support educators in designing and conducting structures and processes for collaboration aligned to whole-child design. These tools support educators in conducting meetings that support reflection of practice, presenting students in a holistic way, designing student support plans that include developmentally appropriate goals based on context, and selecting interventions/supports during the meeting.



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Turnaround for Children

Turnaround connects the dots between science, adversity and school performance to catalyze student development and academic achievement. www.turnaroundusa.org